Yurik -Konstantin Luchansky was born in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2007. Yurik is currently nine years old is of Russian-Filipino heritage.  He started

                                                                    painting when he was three years old with his older sister during winter 2011 when his mother was trying to come up with something fun for the kids

                                                                    to do while it was cold outdoors.

                                                                            Soon, Yurik and his older sister Yukiko were painting most every day. Acrylics eventually come to be what the children enjoyed most. Yurik's mother

                                                                   and father soon decided to make one of the spare bedrooms into an art studio.

                                                                           He calls his art "messy paint" when he was 3 years old. Yurik took almost a year off from painting when he went overseas while his mother cared for his   
                                                                   grandmother  who was sick. His parents thought he would stop painting and forget but on his return to Alaska, he began painting and has continued making

                                                                   beautiful and interesting abstract paintings on canvas. Yurik enjoys painting as much as time would allow. More and more interesting works of art came from 
                                                                   him all while having fun with his sisters in the studio.  Many interesting designs began to emerge from the canvas whenever he got to paint. He had his first group
                                                                   exhibit locally in Fairbanks in 2013 at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Denali Center at the age of five and his first solo show at the Artisan's Courtyard at the age of

                                                                   six in March 2014.

                                                                            In March 2015 Yurik was invited to participate in the Art Quake Kyoto Japan Creativity Biennale and received a special award for promoting Peace through Art...
                                                                   http://artexponewyork.com/artexpo-new-york/show-guide-2015/Page 19 for Yurik's Art Expo ad- thank you..

Yurik is a typical Alaskan kid that likes to build with Legos and being outdoors winter or summer. Yurik takes piano lessons and is a few more years away

                                                                     from his black belt in Taekwondo.  He says his favorite subject is Pre-Algebra and someday wants to be a Mathematician or an Engineer.







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