APRIL 21-24, 2017 | PIER 94 |  NYC

Thank you very much  to all who stopped by at Yurik Luchansky Booth @ ArtExpo NY. It was a great privilege and an honor to meet some of the artist from around the world.!!

Welcome to the website artist Yurik- Konstantin Luchansky

                                                  Yurik- Konstantin Luchansky was born in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2007. Yurik is currently nine years old and is of Russian-Filipino

                                                        heritage. He started painting when he was three years old with his older sister during winter 2011 when his mother was trying

                                                        to come up with something fun for the kids to do while it was cold outdoors.


                                                                    Soon, Yurik and his older sister Yukiko were painting most every day. Acrylics eventually come to be what the children enjoyed most.

                                                        Yurik's mother and father soon decided to make one of the spare bedrooms into an art studio.